Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GIMP: Animated globe

This tutorial takes about 2 minutes to finnish, it's just a basic walk-through that is supposed to help you about the basics with the Spinning Globe script, if course it allows much more advanced end results.
I'm using GIMP 2.6.
Remember, the final image is actually animated!

1. Start GIMP and create a new document, set the canvas to 500x500 pixels.

2. Create a new layer and name it Globe Color, fill it with the color of your choice. Don't get fooled by the name, the fill should cover the whole (rectangular) layer!

3. Select the Text Tool and write anything of your choice. My font settings are as following: Sans, size 59 pixels.
This is how it should look like:

4. Now to the magic, merge the two layers you've made and go Filters->Animation->Spinning Globe.
Set the frame to 13 and check Transparent Background. It's also smart to check the Work on a copy option in case you want to make some minor adjustements or if GIMP crashes during processing.
To test the animation go Filters->Animation->Playback.

5. You're done! This is my result:

And here is another one:

It's a good tip to experiment with the different settings to get the best result.


  1. cool easy tutorial.
    how did you get that globe in black and white ?

  2. Great, so easy to follow

  3. Simple and precise

  4. This helped a lot

  5. I use this script to make animated spinning planets. For a rough, rocky appearance, I use the Bump Map filter on the original map and then run the script.
    "cool easy tutorial.
    how did you get that globe in black and white ?"
    My guess is it's made from a specular ocean mask. Black where there's land, white where there's water. It is supposed to control where highlights appear, but here it's used as a color map.

  6. It works. Thanks.

    Merging the two layers is important, without it, it will not work.


  7. How do you save it?

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  9. I don’t have GIMP2.6. Can I use another version for the script?

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